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Vacation Style

I adore this Vacation spread from Elle Denmark on Dust Jacket Attic. The epitome of revived glamour.

Between Nantucket, Delray, and DC; I feel like I’ve been living out of a suitcase all summer! Whatever the destination, I always try and pack everything in this photo, A great day-to-night dress, a mid size-hold-everything-but-not-too-big bag and little pops of color to mix and match!



Travel Traditions

Every summer, my 3 best friends from college and I take a “friendaversary” trip with a rotating location. It’s one of my favorite weekends of the summer, always filled with bike rides, great seafood, fun cocktails and never-ending laughs. Past trips have included Boston, Narragansett, SF,  and Block Island.  This past Memorial day, we headed up to Nantucket for the Figawi boat race & weekend.  Here are a few shots from the trip including our friendship bracelets from last year’s Block Island trip paired with Nona E Rose braided seersucker friendship bracelets, fun/preppy accessories, and a beautiful view from our bike ride Sconset.

Travel Guides-Delray Beach

As an additional to Glamour Guild, there’s a new tab with City Guides posted! And here’s the latest add, I just got back and still wish I was on the beach!

I’ve been spending long weekends and family vacations in Delray Beach, Florida for 20 years(as long as Rose of Nona E Rose has been a resident!) and I cannot believe how much has changed. Atlantic Avenue, once filled with quiet antique shops and cafe’s is now filled with great restaurants, bars, and galleries. Not to mentions, the beach itself is one of the nicest in the area. Here are a few of my go-to spots;

Stay at The Colony Hotel: One of most charming hotels that I’ve ever stayed in. It was built in 1926 and is the epitome of Vintage Florida.

Shop at Periwinkle for a great selection of bright warm weather wear, accessories, and home.

Splurge at 32 East. It is seriously one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, period.  The menu changes daily and I’ve never had a thing that wasn’t exceptional.

Snack at Docs for an afternoon ice cream

The morning view from my parents place, easy to see why we can’t stay away!

Travel Smart

Traveling today? As excited as I am to see my family for Thanksgiving, I’m dreading domestic air travel and everything that goes along with it (long lines, delays, limited airport snack options).  One of my least favorite things about air travel is having to carry my liquids in a plastic bag which usually ends up falling apart at some point during the trip. When I purchased this suitcase last year, it came with a small, handy CLEAR cosmetic case. Brilliant. If you’re not in the market for a whole new set of luggage, kate spade has this adorable security-regulation-friendly option.

Safe (and Stylish!) Travels!

Block Island Beach Guide!

There isn’t enough room in this post to talk about all of the things I loved about Block Island. The gorgeous views, the adorable inn’s, the amazing food, everything we did was just fantastic. A few of the brightest highlights of the weekend were…

Our Hotel, The Spring House. The inn is at the top of a hill, rumoured to have the best views on the island(I believe it).

The bar(and Bloody Mary’s) at the spring house

Tapas & Seafood Sampler at the Atlantic Inn Porch

*A Few other tips;

For great food with a view of Old Harbor, The National

For great food with a few of New Harbor, The Oar

100%, you MUST rent bikes, its the best way to see the Island

200%, Eat something everything that involves LOBSTER

Block Island Essentials

Heading to Block Island for the weekend for a my annual reunion weekend with my best friends from college. We’re taking bets on who’s going to overpack the most and while I think I packed pretty efficiently, I doubt I’ll wear all 3 pairs of highwaisted shorts I brought in 2 days….I like to have my choices on vacation but the 4 things In my suitcase I cannot do without are my highwaisted tailored white shorts and these 3 recent purchases;

A wide brimmed straw hat I picked up at the Eugenia Kim sample sale this week

A Seersucker One Piece from J.Crew that might be my favorite swimsuit I’ve ever owned.  

If I could bathe in Kiehls sunscreen, I would. Having very light, sensitive skin I’ve tried every product under the sun(no pun intended) and kiehls is by far the best. It acts as both spf and moisturizer(saving room in your suitcase for fun accessories!).

Glamour Guild Goes West- Denver Guide Part II

Before heading to Garden of the Gods, We spent a couple of hours in Manitou Springs.  While exploring the little town, we came across one of the most well organized vintage stores I’ve seen.

If only the Brooklyn Flea was as organized/color coordinated as the Hodge Podge 4 Ruxton Ave  in Mantiou Springs!

Other Spots to try;

Adam’s Mountain Cafe for Lunch

Colorado Custard Company for a post hike treat