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Once upon a tailor…..

Once upon  a time, New York women regularly had clothing tailored to fit their every curve. Some women even had seamstresses custom make their clothes regularly.  When you first hear the worlds,”Custom Tailoring”, it almost sounds like an ancient art. Unless you live in suits or happen to be an uncommon size, you might not think you had use for one.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Recently, I’ve found a more exciting reason to visit the tailor that doesn’t involve altering waistlines or mending hems. Everyone has a seasonal staple. That one piece of clothing that solves every “I can’t decide on an outfit!!” crisis and always makes you feel amazing. In the summer, its my high-waisted  white chino safari shorts from French Connection(pictured,left). My neighbors who don’t know my name, probably know me as “White shorts girl” because from June to early September they make an appearance at least once a week. But alas, after two summers and too many BBQ’s and bleachings, my favorite shorts, unfortunately are no longer wearable.

Luckily my neighborhood tailor Ramon(Ramon’s Tailor shop on Forsyth and Broome) is trained to make custom clothing. I dropped off the beaten-to-a-pulp pair and 2 weeks later, voila! Identical, beautifully tailored, custom fit white summer shorts(pictured right)!!