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September Saturdays

My favorite Sex and the City Quote isn’t about relationships. One of the most true statements ever made on the show was, “New Yorkers hold on to every last warm Fall day as if it is the last one they will ever see.”  So spot on.

And in true fashion, I’ve filled my September Saturdays with long walks through Soho, beautifully hosted outdoor brunch, and multiple trips to the farmers market.


Sweet Tooth


How amazing do these Boozy Brownie Balls from Butter Me Up Brooklyn look?! I’ve been reading this blog for the past couple of weeks and can’t wait to try some of the recipes! Goodies from Butter me up Brooklyn will be served at Thistle & Clover’s Valentines Party and Shopping Event tonight!

Need List

Released today on the Daily Spark and the  all the way up here blog; more of Target’s Missoni collection due out 9/13! I may need one(or all) of those scarves and the dessert set….

Glamorous Details

Loving these 4ths of July Cup Cake papers from Sweet Shop Lulu! As they say on Top Chef, you taste with your eyes first an in my bringing-dessert-to-a-summer-BBQ-experience; The better something looks, the more people will eat it(meaning you’ll have less to take home an inevitably eat yourself)!

Happy 4th!


Glamorous Hosting

Passover has always been my favorite holiday. When I was little, It usually fell over spring break which meant a trip to my grandparents in Florida. It always felt like the fanciest night of the year. Antique table clothes, beautiful china and a delicious meal. I’ll be a guest tonight at a friend’s sedar tonight but if I were to host my own I would invest in this 70’s inspired sedar plate from Jonathan Adler.

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