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Sister Act

While Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown was of course, breathtakingly beautiful, my favorite look at the Royal Wedding was worn by Maid of Honour, Pippa Middleton.  The gown; rumored to also be designed by Burton, with its beautifully draped neckline and impeccably tailored silhouette is the perfect example of understated elegance at it’s best.

Images from the Daily Mail


If only it was this effortless…

…to look so adorable in the rain! Unfortunetly, on a afternoon such as this in NYC keeping those flats white would be a bit difficult.  Never the less, I love this photo from Matchbook Mag’s Pinterest Page.

Warm Weather Basics

I’m off to Delray Beach, Florida tonight for some much needed sun and family time. These vintage postcards on the KateSpade Color Blog  might inpire a little warm weather shopping spree  while I’m there….

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Every Day Occasions

I’m loving the new opening campaign on Everyday Occasions; Dressing up the Day-to-Day. These outfits are great examples of easy-to-do feminine looks to make each day a bit more glamorous…

Especially loving all of the belted looks !

Let’s give ’em the old pizzaz!

Let’s give’em the old pizzaz!”- Maggie Prescott in Funny Face

Last night I attended Parson’s Univerity “Fashion and Film Series”. This particular selection was Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn introduced by none other than former Parson’s professor Tim Gunn(!) who has just as much whit in person as he did on Project Runway.

The costumes were designed by Edith Head and Givenchy(both recieved Oscar nominations for their work on the film.) Tim Gunn gun told the audience to,”Act like a sponge, because I’ve seen this film at least 50 times and each time I see something new!”

Definetly one to put on your Netflix Queue!

Add a little sparkle to your day!

One of my favorite online mag’s Matchbook has added a blog, The Daily Sparkle to their wonderfully charming family of an online magazine,pinterest, and tumblr page.

oh the distractions…

Alice and Olivia Top from Matchbook’s Pinterest Page

Glamorous Hosting

Passover has always been my favorite holiday. When I was little, It usually fell over spring break which meant a trip to my grandparents in Florida. It always felt like the fanciest night of the year. Antique table clothes, beautiful china and a delicious meal. I’ll be a guest tonight at a friend’s sedar tonight but if I were to host my own I would invest in this 70’s inspired sedar plate from Jonathan Adler.

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