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Oh, there you go again…

…Jenny Packham, making my jaw drop. Collection after collection, Jenny Packham delivers gorgeous draping and exquisite vintage-inspired details.

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Consistency is good

Every Fashion Week I think to myself, “I should have a new favorite show.” But then, Jenny Packham gets me everytime. The beautiful sillouettes, belted looks, and perfect mix of bright colors and neutrals give the collection a timeless elegance while still remaining fresh.

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Fashion Week Favorite; Jenny Packham

White was a popular color across the board this past week and I especially love the way Jenny Packham paired the color with luxe fabrics and feminine sillouettes to create these elegant looks;

LOVE The bright shoes and lips, such a fun touch!


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Personal Glamour

Wouldn’t it be glamorous to wear these just to lounge around the house?

One can dream…..

Both Chemise and Robe by Jenny Packham on

Favorite Spring 2011 Show-Jenny Packham

Inspired by ,”Her First Ball,” a short story by Katherine Mansfield,  Jenny Packham showed a stunning Spring 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week.  By marrying luxe fabrics (such as silk, satin and chiffon) with muted pastels, Packham has created a collection that is incredibly glamourous without being over the top. Understated elegance at its best.

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