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Nona E Rose on Damsels in Design!

You may have read about the amazing Networking group Damsels in Design here on GG before. I was so honored to be interviewed by founder Jennifer Markas earlier this month about starting Nona E Rose. Here are a few photos(including the new holiday collection)! The rest of the interview is available here.


September Saturdays

My favorite Sex and the City Quote isn’t about relationships. One of the most true statements ever made on the show was, “New Yorkers hold on to every last warm Fall day as if it is the last one they will ever see.”  So spot on.

And in true fashion, I’ve filled my September Saturdays with long walks through Soho, beautifully hosted outdoor brunch, and multiple trips to the farmers market.

Bucket Lists

Around this time of the summer, I start thinking about everything left to do on my summer bucket list. This year, although I did managed to;

1.Hit every ice cream place in the east village

2.Get to at least 2 baseball games

3.See concerts in both Central and Prospect Park


I haven’t gotten a chance to do the #1 thing on my list; rent bikes on either the west side highway or Governors Island…2 weeks left to make it happen!

Photo via Sterling Style

What do you have left on your summer list?

The Lights WILL Inspire You

Every now and again, at family gatherings, reunions etc… you inevitably get the question,”Why New York?” The small(and pricey) apartment, the crowded subways and streets, etc..

My answers;(other than the street really do make you feel brand new) is that the opportunities in New York are like nowhere else. There is an endless list of inspiring events, creative minds, and wonderful people. The next Damsels in Design event; The Future of Fashion;Trendsetting in the High-Tech Age is one of those opportunities. The event is April 10th at General Assembly, tickets can be purchased at on their website!

Worth a Thousand Words

Happy Friday! It’s the last weekend to see Harper’s Bazaar; A Decade of Style at the International Center for Photography and tonight is pay as you wish! The below photo of Kate Winslet (on exhibit) has always been one of my favorite covers and I can’t wait to see it large scale!

Weekend Field Trip!

C Wonder opens in Soho this weekend! It’s supopsed to be beautiful in the City this weekend so I will definetly be taking a walk down there to check out these great products….

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Photos from C Wonder’s facebook page

Dressing the part

After reading Andre Tally proclaim costume designer Sharon Davis as the next Edith Head,  I could not wait to see her latest project, The Help. I’m always hesitant to see a movie if I’ve really loved the book(which in this case, I did).  I never want to alter the way I’ve pictured the characters. Ms. Davis did an impeccable job of capturing not only the mood and attitude of the 1960’s in the south, she stayed true to the character’s personalities.

In this LA Times article, Davis talks about her references. Because of the area and demographic of Jackson,Mississippi, referencing  high fashion publications from the such as vintage Vogue’s would not have been accurate. Instead Davis looked to JC Penney’s catalogues for the more feminine looks and to old yearbooks from Ole Miss for the more academic ensembles.  Her attention to detail really brings each character to life, each woman was exactly how I pictured!