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It never gets old

The first time I saw someone wearing a Nona E Rose belt, I was checking out spring jewelry at Henri Bendel, I looked up and there was the cutest sales girl sporting my Amelia Airplane Belt that she purchased at Thistle & Clover! I was on cloud 9 for DAYS….

I figured it might be a one time feeling but since then, every time I see someone in Nona E Rose I still get butterflies. My good friend posted this great look(with my signature rose belt!) on her blog, Dear Andi last week.

Andddd it still feels great…..!

photos by Joshua Boccheciamp


Dressing the part

After reading Andre Tally proclaim costume designer Sharon Davis as the next Edith Head,  I could not wait to see her latest project, The Help. I’m always hesitant to see a movie if I’ve really loved the book(which in this case, I did).  I never want to alter the way I’ve pictured the characters. Ms. Davis did an impeccable job of capturing not only the mood and attitude of the 1960’s in the south, she stayed true to the character’s personalities.

In this LA Times article, Davis talks about her references. Because of the area and demographic of Jackson,Mississippi, referencing  high fashion publications from the such as vintage Vogue’s would not have been accurate. Instead Davis looked to JC Penney’s catalogues for the more feminine looks and to old yearbooks from Ole Miss for the more academic ensembles.  Her attention to detail really brings each character to life, each woman was exactly how I pictured!

Savouring Summer {Colors}

I’ve been putting off admitting this for quite some time, but its time to start thinking about fall shopping/closet reorganizing. Though I’m psyched to pull my favorite trench coat out of the closet, I LOVE my bright summer pieces so I hate to think about putting them away for the season. My favorite way to hold onto the bright colors for a bit longer is to mix a pop of color with a great fall camel colored piece.

I decided to look through pinterest for inspiration, these looks make the transition to fall a bit easier

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Stacked to Perfection

In their latest collaboration with  J.Crew, Lulu Frost offer’s another must-have collection of vintage inspired jewelry with a modern flare. The bright, basic colors pared with elegant, but not overstated jewels could just as easily dress up a tee as it could pare down a party dress.


available on

Need List

Released today on the Daily Spark and the  all the way up here blog; more of Target’s Missoni collection due out 9/13! I may need one(or all) of those scarves and the dessert set….

Spotted! Nona E Rose in Brooklyn!

My good friend and fellow blogger, Liz posted this adorable outfit this morning on her blog, Dear Andi.  She bought the sea shell belt at my very first Nona E Rose trunk show back in the Spring of 2009 and has been a loyal customer and valuable part of the project ever since.  

photos taken by Joshua Boccheciamp on Dear Andi

Power Prints

It’s funny. You think living in NYC, you should be able to get anything at any time. Yet as soon as I’m out of the city; I CAN”T WAIT to hit Target.  I’ll definitely have to make a trip for the Missoni collaboration coming out in a few weeks.

Love the vintage styling of the ad campaign(especially the belted looks!) and I hope those turbans are part of the collection!