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Nona E Rose on Start Up Fashion!!

Check out the write up on Nona E Rose on Start Up FASHION!!


Tis the season….!

Time to start buying, wrapping, and giving!! Free shipping continues on!

image via kate spade’s tumblr

Happy Thanksgiving!

photo via habitually chic


Travel Smart

Traveling today? As excited as I am to see my family for Thanksgiving, I’m dreading domestic air travel and everything that goes along with it (long lines, delays, limited airport snack options).  One of my least favorite things about air travel is having to carry my liquids in a plastic bag which usually ends up falling apart at some point during the trip. When I purchased this suitcase last year, it came with a small, handy CLEAR cosmetic case. Brilliant. If you’re not in the market for a whole new set of luggage, kate spade has this adorable security-regulation-friendly option.

Safe (and Stylish!) Travels!

Outfit Envy

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this belted look from Atlatic Pacific blogger, Blair Eadie.  The print-stripe combo isn’t an easy look to pull off but with the right fall colors and great accessories, Ms. Eadie does it flawlessly.

Nona E Rose Fall/Holiday Lookbook!!

As a follow up to the previous post, here are a few shots from the Nona E Rose Fall/Holiday Look Book!!

Photos and Styling by Liz Teich

Nona E Rose Photo Shoot Outtakes!

Saturday’s Nona E Rose photo shoot could not have gone better thanks to an amazing stylist/photographer!! The final shots won’t be released for a bit, but here’s a sneak peek of the shoot!!


Great tunes=Photo shoot essential

Fun props and great natural light

Look Book Page Test Shot!