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Deco Diamonds at the V & A

When I studied in England, the permanent fashion collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum was a constant source of inspiration. So of course upon arriving in London on Wednesday, the V & A was the first stop(after grabbing a thick and rich hot chocolate from apostrophe in St.Christophers Square…). When I got there I was devastated to find that the collection closed 2 DAYS prior for renovations, reopening in the spring of 2012. There was an upside, I figured while I was there I would check out the vintage jewelery archive. Much to my delight, it’s just as amazing as the apparel collection. They had an amazing selection of vintage art deco inspired Cartier Brooches(pictured left). The exhibit may inspire a little jewelry shopping, maybe starting with the deco inspired House of Harlow Earings(pictured right) $57 on


Happy Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving would not be complete without some type of sugary sweet potato dish.  Daniel Bouloud’s sweet potato puree would certainly do the trick! I love the dishes and I do think that making the meal look elegant can make it taste a bit better. As they say on top chef, “You taste with your eyes first!”

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Nona E Rose Vendor Thistle & Clover on!!

Yesterday Google launched its newest site,, “the Pandora of online shopping” and I’m thrilled to say that Thistle & Clover of Brooklyn was included as one of the retail boutiques to be included in the launch!! Thistle & Clover was first boutique to carry Nona E Rose and has since become of my favorite shopping destinations. Delivering merchandise to them is dangerous as its difficult to visit the store without buying something from their incredibly chic selection of clothing and accessories.

Congrats to T & C!!! xxx

Starting the Holiday Wish List…..

….with Rachel Antanoff for Bass vintage inspired Heeled Saddle shoes….

Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot!

I needed to take some single shots of my individual pieces for Nona E Rose Fall and Holiday 2010. I wanted to showcase the accessories so that they would stand out in each shot while still getting a casual, vintage feel. The props? Grandma’s Multi strand of pearls, antique lace curtains from my parents house, and anthropolgie plates. The results…..

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Good on Paper

This past week I attended a screening and discussion of the 1959 melodrama,”The Imitation of Life”  at Parson’s School of Design. The movie was amazing as were the outfits. At the end, one of the stars of the film, Susan Konher came out for Q & A.  She brought a few photos with her including a beautiful sketch by designer Bill Thomas for a dress she wore to the Academy Awards. The sketch was so enchanting, it prompted me to seek out more of his sketches like the one below.

What I love about his sketches is the sense of movement and Thomas’s use of white pencil to hightlight the folds of the fabric and the luster of the jewels.

Ad Campaign Adoration

Everytime I see the vintage 1950’s dance inspired ads for Kate Spade’s new fragrance, “Twirl” in the Broadway-Lafayette subway stop, I wish I was the kind of girl who could pull off a gold sequin dress like the model in the ads. Lucky for me, The signature icon to go with the fragrance is gold confetti, featured on the perfume bottle itself as well as a capsule collection of “Twirl” products. I may not be able to pull off the gold sequin dress but I can definitely (try) and pull off the gold sequin pumps or handbag!

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