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Summer Need List

Revived Glamour at its finest! Everything from the  Altuzarra for J.Crew collection is going on my summer need list! Inspired by Briggitteand preppy St.Tropez french style, each piece traditionally feminine yet distinctively modern.


Stacked to Perfection

In their latest collaboration with  J.Crew, Lulu Frost offer’s another must-have collection of vintage inspired jewelry with a modern flare. The bright, basic colors pared with elegant, but not overstated jewels could just as easily dress up a tee as it could pare down a party dress.


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Block Island Essentials

Heading to Block Island for the weekend for a my annual reunion weekend with my best friends from college. We’re taking bets on who’s going to overpack the most and while I think I packed pretty efficiently, I doubt I’ll wear all 3 pairs of highwaisted shorts I brought in 2 days….I like to have my choices on vacation but the 4 things In my suitcase I cannot do without are my highwaisted tailored white shorts and these 3 recent purchases;

A wide brimmed straw hat I picked up at the Eugenia Kim sample sale this week

A Seersucker One Piece from J.Crew that might be my favorite swimsuit I’ve ever owned.  

If I could bathe in Kiehls sunscreen, I would. Having very light, sensitive skin I’ve tried every product under the sun(no pun intended) and kiehls is by far the best. It acts as both spf and moisturizer(saving room in your suitcase for fun accessories!).

Green with envy

J.Crew has had a year of stunning collaborations and their partnership with jewelery designer Lulu Frost is not exception.  All 3 of these modern vintage pieces are going on my wish list!

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Bright Side

It may still be chilly here in NYC but at least it’s super sunny! I’m in the market for new shades for the season, what do you think about this retro-shaped Cutler and Gross pair from J.Crew?

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Bright Baggage

Something about the idea of packing for vacation in a stylish trunk seems so luxurious. The only thing stopping me from getting one(aside of course from the out-of-my-range price tag) is an article I once read that claimed the only people who should travel with trunks are people wealthy enough to have someone else (preferably someone strong) carry them because domestic travel is filled with enough delays without having to stop every 5 minutes for the girl with the cute trunk to take breather.

 J.Crew and GlobeTrotter have solved this dilemma with this adorable solution; a bright yellow trunk with wheels!

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