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Tilda Swinton’s Glamourous wardrobe in “I am Love”

In Luca Guadagnino “Il sono Amour” or “I am Love”, Tilda Swinton plays the wife of an Italian textile heir. Raf Simons of Jil Sander designed the costumes. With his vibrant use of color, clean lines and luxury product, Simon’s wardrobe for Swinton’s charactor, Emma helps the viewer to see her transformation from a conservative and cautious women to a brave and free spirited lady. The movie opens with Emma orchestrating a dinner party in a high cut, conservative maroon shift and headband. As the movie progresses, more vibrant colors are integrated into her wardrobe to show her changing mood. Throughout the film, She carries a Hermes bag, a symbol of wealth. The end of the film shows her torn apart, bolting from her home in a non-descript track suit, Hermes bag left behind.

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New Look circa 2010

Katherine Heigl shot for Harper's Bazaar June 2010

In my Grey’s Anatomy days, I was never a real fan of Katherine Heigl’s character, Izzy. However Heigl’s spread in this months Bazaar may make me retract that judgement. Every June 2010 photo seems as if it were ripped from a Spring 1947 New Look ad! This photo especially.