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A Fashionable Address

Last night, I was lucky enough to attend The NYU Italian Department’s panel discussion, “Addressing Style” with special guest, Vogue Italia Editor-In-Cheif, Franca Sozzani. There has been a lot of press surrounding Ms. Sozzani recently about various issues including; her controversal spreads for Vogue Italia, the launch of, blogs(including her own),  her opinion of fashion models, and her campaign against pro-anorexia websites.

I could not have been more impressed by Ms.Sozzani(who spoke for over and hour and half) on a variety of topics; Her revolution of the Magazine from what she refered to as a, “Fashion catalogue” to the high fashion, artistically driven, socially conscious publication it is today, the creation and drive behind V Black and V Curvy, and how blogging on has given a face and personality to the magazine.

Especially interesting was her explanation of the thought process behind V Black, the section of the Magazine and website dedicated exclusively to African American Models and Celebrities.  While many think that creation of the section was influenced by the election of President Obama, Sozzani explained that during a particular fashion week, she kept thinking to herself how every model looked the same, tall, blond, eastern, and young. The models that stood out to her that season were Liya Kebede and Chanel Iman, two incredibly stunning African American women. Their beauty, confidence and uniqueness inspired Sozzani to create a section for the beautiful Black models and celebrities that were possibly not as frequently covered in other publications.

In reference to the women covered in V Curvy, Sozzani exclaimed,”Don’t they look happier than more of the other women!”.  Being somewhat curvy myself, I appreciate this section and its mission to draw on the beauty of curvy women.

In reference to the rumors that she dislikes fashion bloggers she spoke at length about how it is not that she dislikes bloggers per say, more that she doesn’t see the purpose in blogging negatively about people you don’t know(especially her) or simply blogging about your own personal fashion choices without substantial content to back it up. “If you only have negative things to say about other people, you obviously don’t have anything else say,” she explained…. as I really try to keep this blog especially positive, I couldn’t agree more!!!

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Simply Stunning

I usually looks for themes on the red carpet; neutrals, brights, silhoutte’s ect.. However my top 3 favorite looks from last night’s Costume Gala at the Met share only one adjective, absolutley breathtaking….

Chanel Iman in Dolce & Gabbana. It’s so refreshing to see this legnth among all of the long gowns. Love the fun accessories!

Eva Mendes in Stelle McCartney. I love the bold pleats and color. The 70’s one sleeve is so unexpected, and of course, I can’t reisist a chic belted look.

This look needs no introduction or description. Gisele in Alexander McQueen, just stunning.

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