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A Spark of Modern Glamour…

Loving these photos from Matchbook Magazine’s first editorial shoot! The combo of vintage silhouette’s and modern styling make these photos timeless yet incredibly fresh.

Love this Kate Spade Belt(above) and Full Skirt(below)

Photos from The Daily Spark, Editorial Shots by Jenna Alcala


If only it was this effortless…

…to look so adorable in the rain! Unfortunetly, on a afternoon such as this in NYC keeping those flats white would be a bit difficult.  Never the less, I love this photo from Matchbook Mag’s Pinterest Page.

Add a little sparkle to your day!

One of my favorite online mag’s Matchbook has added a blog, The Daily Sparkle to their wonderfully charming family of an online magazine,pinterest, and tumblr page.

oh the distractions…

Alice and Olivia Top from Matchbook’s Pinterest Page

Simply Charmed by Matchbook Mag!

Yesterday was the launch of online magazine, “Matchbook Magazine, a field guide to a charmed life.” As an avid follower of Co-Founder Katie Armour’s blog, The Neotraditionalist, I could not wait to pour through the brightly colored pages of fashion, travel, and lifestyle articles. At first glance, the entire magazine is just amazing!!

Can’t wait to read the rest, a snowing day may be the perfect excuse to curl up with my macbook!