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Something New

A few months ago, a very good friend of mine asked me to design a headpiece for her to wear on her wedding day.  Although I was honored and completely flattered (as the bride is one of the most stylish girls I know). I was also a little bit terrified. What if she didn’t like it, what if she felt bad about telling me she didn’t like it, what if it broke, ect…After months of thought, I sent her few mock ups and luckily she loved them!

I used a mixture of vintage crystal buttons and Swarovski rhinestone links, sewing each one into double-faced cream satin ribbon.

Introducing the first bride to wear Nona E Rose Accessories!!!


Block Island Beach Guide!

There isn’t enough room in this post to talk about all of the things I loved about Block Island. The gorgeous views, the adorable inn’s, the amazing food, everything we did was just fantastic. A few of the brightest highlights of the weekend were…

Our Hotel, The Spring House. The inn is at the top of a hill, rumoured to have the best views on the island(I believe it).

The bar(and Bloody Mary’s) at the spring house

Tapas & Seafood Sampler at the Atlantic Inn Porch

*A Few other tips;

For great food with a view of Old Harbor, The National

For great food with a few of New Harbor, The Oar

100%, you MUST rent bikes, its the best way to see the Island

200%, Eat something everything that involves LOBSTER

Block Island Essentials

Heading to Block Island for the weekend for a my annual reunion weekend with my best friends from college. We’re taking bets on who’s going to overpack the most and while I think I packed pretty efficiently, I doubt I’ll wear all 3 pairs of highwaisted shorts I brought in 2 days….I like to have my choices on vacation but the 4 things In my suitcase I cannot do without are my highwaisted tailored white shorts and these 3 recent purchases;

A wide brimmed straw hat I picked up at the Eugenia Kim sample sale this week

A Seersucker One Piece from J.Crew that might be my favorite swimsuit I’ve ever owned.  

If I could bathe in Kiehls sunscreen, I would. Having very light, sensitive skin I’ve tried every product under the sun(no pun intended) and kiehls is by far the best. It acts as both spf and moisturizer(saving room in your suitcase for fun accessories!).

“Set in Style”

If you have a chance to make it up to the Cooper Hewitt , check out the  “Set in the Style, the jewelery of Van Cleef & Arpels” exhibit! Along with gorgeous vintage and art deco pieces, they have tons of great videos and drawings explaining the craftsmenship and production of their amazing pieces. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the exhibit;

The exhibit is on through July 4th so get up there!

Classic Cases

Another reason I need an IPad; these handcrafted full grain leather IPad cases from J.J. Boyles.

Available at J.J. Boyles

Green with envy

J.Crew has had a year of stunning collaborations and their partnership with jewelery designer Lulu Frost is not exception.  All 3 of these modern vintage pieces are going on my wish list!

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Available on

A Spark of Modern Glamour…

Loving these photos from Matchbook Magazine’s first editorial shoot! The combo of vintage silhouette’s and modern styling make these photos timeless yet incredibly fresh.

Love this Kate Spade Belt(above) and Full Skirt(below)

Photos from The Daily Spark, Editorial Shots by Jenna Alcala