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Ad Campaign Adoration

Loving the new Signature Spade Collection for Kate Spade. Great product and amazing styling{as per usual!}


Power Prints

It’s funny. You think living in NYC, you should be able to get anything at any time. Yet as soon as I’m out of the city; I CAN”T WAIT to hit Target.  I’ll definitely have to make a trip for the Missoni collaboration coming out in a few weeks.

Love the vintage styling of the ad campaign(especially the belted looks!) and I hope those turbans are part of the collection!

Jewel Tones Caught on Camera!

Love the Jewel tone from MaxMara’s Spring/Summer Campaign, “Paparazzi”!

Ad Campaign Adoration

This week, Refinery29 annouced their “Most Influencial People in Fashion” list for 2010.  In the number 1 spot is Janie Bryant, the costume designer for AMC’s Mad Men.  Looks like circle skirts and cinched waists are here to stay! My favorite example of Mad Men Inspired Style is Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Line for Louis Vuitton.  I love these ad’s for 3 reasons;

1.They show that darkening a color palette can make the most old fashion floral print seem new and modern.

2.High ponytails can be glamorous.

3.Kristy Turlington-over 20 years modeling and looking better than ever.

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Ad Campaign Adoration

Everytime I see the vintage 1950’s dance inspired ads for Kate Spade’s new fragrance, “Twirl” in the Broadway-Lafayette subway stop, I wish I was the kind of girl who could pull off a gold sequin dress like the model in the ads. Lucky for me, The signature icon to go with the fragrance is gold confetti, featured on the perfume bottle itself as well as a capsule collection of “Twirl” products. I may not be able to pull off the gold sequin dress but I can definitely (try) and pull off the gold sequin pumps or handbag!

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