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Decisions, Decisions

Heading to Delray Beach, Florida next week and looking for some fun warm weather accessories..

Zara $29.90 $26.90

Which one to choose?


Pleats and Stripes!

Two of my favorite things pulled together perfectly in below 1970’s inspired look from!

How to wear it-Vintage Inspired Florals

“You look like the curtains!” My Step mother will exclaim anytime I try on clothing with a big. bright vintage inspired floral print. The truth is; most of the time she’s right. Certain prints tend to wear you as opposed to you wearing them. Loving vintage inspired florals as I do, I’ve refused to give up on finding a way to pull them off. This outfit from ASOS may be just the ticket! Having the floral on a fitted top instead of a flowing skirts makes it significantly less curtain-like and the skirt with a pop of color gives the outfit a modern twist.

Sweater $60.34 on

Photo via {This is Glamorous}