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Landmark Glamour

Featured in this weeks Style Section, Jene Despain’s “Roaring 10’s” collection draws inspiration from some of New York City’s most beautiful landmarks. Handmade in New York City, the immaculately constructed pieces adorned with Swarovski Crystal evoke vintage glamour with a modern flair.

Available on


Staycation Staples

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees in NYC this week,  light and airy vacation style clothes are definitly in order!

Usually, you would think that tropical prints belong in Hawaii (or hipster bars in Williamsburg) but the sopisticated, modern cuts of Reyn Spooners latest collection for Opening Ceremony give the prints a classic, urban look.

Available at Opening Ceremony!

Summer Blues

It seems like yesterday i was making my first spring wardrobe purchase of the season, and just like that, it’s already the middle of July! After July 4th hits, people start getting the summer-is-going-by-to-quick-blues. One way to feel like you’re making the most of summer is to make the most of all of the cute summer styles (and summer snacks!)currently on the market. Try out these summer blues(pun intended)….

Adorable Beach themed cupcakes from Martha Stewart

A fun summer skirt from Adam


 Turquoise Jewelry from kate spade

Governor’s Island Glamour

One of my favorite summer events in NYC is the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Party. I missed the first one this year because of my trip the Block Island but luckily one of my favorite photography bloggers, Jamie Beck of From Me To You posted these amazing photos!

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Thankfully, there’s another party August 20-21!

Boardwalk is Back!

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is back rerunning season one in prep for season 2! There’s a lot to look forward to this season plot wise(WHAT is Nelson going to do about Lucy?!) but there’s also a lot to look forward to visually. Costume Designer John Dunn did an incredible amount of reasearch to make sure the show was visually accurate. He especially did an exceptional job with Kelly MacDonalds character, Margaret Schroeder.  Through cut, color, and fabric; you can see her character’s transformation from a poor and modest housewife wife to a confident, brave bombshell.

An interesting interview on the Men’s tailoring for Boardwalk Empire with costume designer, John Dunn is also available on

Summertime Splurge

Getting dressed on a 90 degree morning in NYC is usally an excersize in tearing apart my closet to find what’s easy and light while still looking put togetether.  To stay cool and comfortable, my summer signature outfit is consists of  highwaisted shorts, a light cotton top, dressed up with big, bright accessories.  I’m thinking about picking up one of these Elva Fields handmade neckless’s to complement this signature summertime look.

All available on

Glamorous Details

Loving these 4ths of July Cup Cake papers from Sweet Shop Lulu! As they say on Top Chef, you taste with your eyes first an in my bringing-dessert-to-a-summer-BBQ-experience; The better something looks, the more people will eat it(meaning you’ll have less to take home an inevitably eat yourself)!

Happy 4th!