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Another reason to welcome fall

One of the best things about September is the return of Boardwalk Empire. This past Sunday’s season premiere was worth waiting for plot wise and visually it might be my favorite episode to date. Margaret’s dress and headpiece for the King Tut themed New Years Party was just beautiful and the party decor enviable.

And as always, the NY Mag recap, fantastic.


Governor’s Island Glamour

One of my favorite summer events in NYC is the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Party. I missed the first one this year because of my trip the Block Island but luckily one of my favorite photography bloggers, Jamie Beck of From Me To You posted these amazing photos!

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Thankfully, there’s another party August 20-21!

Boardwalk is Back!

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is back rerunning season one in prep for season 2! There’s a lot to look forward to this season plot wise(WHAT is Nelson going to do about Lucy?!) but there’s also a lot to look forward to visually. Costume Designer John Dunn did an incredible amount of reasearch to make sure the show was visually accurate. He especially did an exceptional job with Kelly MacDonalds character, Margaret Schroeder.  Through cut, color, and fabric; you can see her character’s transformation from a poor and modest housewife wife to a confident, brave bombshell.

An interesting interview on the Men’s tailoring for Boardwalk Empire with costume designer, John Dunn is also available on

Glamour Guild Goes West- Denver Guide Part II

Before heading to Garden of the Gods, We spent a couple of hours in Manitou Springs.  While exploring the little town, we came across one of the most well organized vintage stores I’ve seen.

If only the Brooklyn Flea was as organized/color coordinated as the Hodge Podge 4 Ruxton Ave  in Mantiou Springs!

Other Spots to try;

Adam’s Mountain Cafe for Lunch

Colorado Custard Company for a post hike treat

For the thrift-shop-challenged

For a much as I love vintage stores and flea markets, its surprising that I don’t actually own more than a few actual vintage pieces.  Although vintage clothing can be inspiring and one of a kind, It can be difficult to find vintage clothing that fits you correctly and is in good enough shape to sustain a couple of washes. So if you love truly feminine vintage looks but can’t seem to find the right fit, try Recollection, a label dedicated to looks, “straight out of another time but in perfect condition with a perfect fit.”(About,

photos from and OH JOY!

It’s a Wonderful Wardrobe!

Back in the city after a great holiday weekend, wishing I was still by the fireplace watching my favorite black and white Christmas movies!! Though the film has never particularly been praised for its costumes, I love Donna Reed’s wardrobe in Frank Capra’s, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Especially the sheer embroidered button down pictured below paired with a circle skirt.