It was 1948. The year Warner Brother’s introduced the first color film reel and the year President Truman signed the Marshall Plan. It was a year when the only attire acceptable at the Metropolitan Opera was an evening gown or a tuxedo. Women seldom left the house without pristine nylons and a fresh coat of lipstick. It’s 2011 and things certainly are not the way they used to be! Everything from film screens to iPod nano screens come in full color and it’s not unusual to see a man or woman at a Sunday Matinée of Der Rosencavelier in jeans. We have made many social and cultural accomplishments in the last 40 years. These innovations, though amazing have come at the price of a fashionable sensibility. This blog will serve as a companion to Nona E Rose Accessories,  archiving the lost glamour of our greatest generation  and using it as inspiration for modern dressing.


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