New Years Resolution-Closet Cleanse

What I love most about my Grandmother’s closets(aside of corse from the fabulous clothing and vintage accessories) is that everything is so well kept. Every pair of shoes is nicely polished, every pair of pants perfectly hemmed.

My resolution for 2011 is to cleanse my closet-resole boots and pumps, hem jeans that I’ve been folding up, ect…If you have a similar resolution I recommend the following repair shops;

For Resoleing/Repolishing/Revamping Boots and Pumps; Angelo’s Shoe Repair 666 5th ave  at 53rd St. , Midtown (inside the E train subway entrance). In my 4 years in NYC, I’ve tried out 6 or 7 different shoe repair places throughout the city and this place is by far the best.  I wear my black Loeffler Randal Boots to the bone and this is the only place that uses good quality replacement soles/heels and techniques to ensure that my boots stay in shape all winter.  

For Expert Tailoring/Hemming/Repairs;Ramon’s Tailor Shop 110 Forsyth st. above Broome st. , Lower East Side. I am the worst at taking pants to the tailor to be shortened(especially in the colder months when they can easily be tucked into boots) But this guy is worth the trip, in addition to having new jeans hemmed, I’ve had him tailor a couple of pairs of old bootcut jeans I can’t part with into perfect matchstick jeans.

For the impossible Post New Year’s Champagne on Chiffon Stain; Celebrity Cleaners 1427 York Ave between 75th/76th street Upper East Side.  The Couple that owns this place once told me they handwashed my tan chiffon tank 3 times to make sure any sign of the Martini(s) I spilled on it were gone!

3 Responses to “New Years Resolution-Closet Cleanse”

  1. 1 RP January 4, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    I’m always looking for great tailors and cobblers so thanks for the recos! The Leather Spa is also the best shoe repair shop (or should I say, spa) that I’ve ever entrusted with my shoes (especially the Louboutins). I swear they are miracle workers.

    Keep up the great work – love the blog, Rach!

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